For more than 38 years, KST Lighting has been leader in the design and the manufacturing of electronic and lighting equipment’s (luminaries, electronic inverters and converters, LED lighting systems,…) for the rolling stock market, mainly trains, metros, tramways and buses,…

KST Lighting is driven by the will to create, develop and deliver reliable products, and to offer performing and innovative solutions that match your needs and respect your budgets.

KST Lighting guarantees flexibility as well as quality from design to manufacturing

Our services

  • The design, the production and the supply of a wide range of electronic converters and ballasts for LED lamps, halogen lamps, and fluorescent lamps.
  • The design, the production and the supply of complete lighting systems such as reading lamps, passenger compartment lighting, luggage rack lighting, platform lights, toilets, gangways, emergency lights, etc…

Our main asset: A GLOBAL SERVICE


Our goals

  • KST offers a high standard of technical know how and support leading to the exact identification of your needs (from a first study over a performance evaluation and an identification and risks analysis to the production of a prototyp, FAT / SAT / FAI, etc.),
  • The will to offer high-performance products and solutions,
  • The company’ rigor with regard to engineering and execution,
  • Strict compliance with deadlines,
  • The guarantee of available qualified staff to supervise project management.

Quality, our priority

All our products are accredited and approved by our customers and operators according to norms and standards applied in the rolling stock market.

We have a worldwide customer’s validation/ accreditation and our products are in compliance with National, International and European railway standards.

KST Lighting is and wants to stay the reference of Quality on the Rolling stock market based on its policy of “Total Quality Standard”.

All our products are checked and tested individually on automated test benches at the different stages  on our production line, including the input of the full voltage range.

Quality Cycle

EN Quality Control

To guarantee efficient and risk-free working, our products must comply with very stringent constraints and requirements :

  • Mechanical resistance (Vibrations & shocks),
  • Guaranteed working at constant performance in a broad ambient temperature range (-25 to + 85 ° C) and a wide input supply voltage range (Battery, ...),
  • High performance MTBF and LCC adapted to Project/Customer requirements,
  • Resistance to a high number of ignitions and ON/OFF cycles for the loads (> 100,000 cycles),
  • Products designed and developped to meet the highest requirements in terms of performance, reliability and safety and meeting the strictest railways norms (EMC, Vibration & shocks, climatics,…),
  • Guaranteed starting and ignition in a standard minimum time and conditions ensuring a higher performance and lifetime of the lamps/LEDs,
  • Compliance with fire & smokes standards and requirements.


Our products are validated and approved by our Customers and Operators on the basis of the standards and specifications in force on the rail market.

IEC, EN, NF F, STM, UIC, NBN, ... Our products have successfully passed the electrical, EMC, vibrations and shocks, fire-smoke, climatic tests required by these standards.

KST lighting has in total 15 validations / accreditations from global customers on the rolling stock market (Operator certifications, Constructor validations, product approval, etc.).

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Request of information

Don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or on +32 (0) 4 239 73 41 for more specific information and requests.

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KST Lighting

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KST Lighting, part of the KST Group, has been active in the railway market for over 35 years, and has always focused on design and the development of innovating, competitive, and reliable products.