DC/DC converters

Our DC/DC converters are fitted and used on rolling stock (trains, metros, ...) all over the world and comply with the most severe technical constraints in terms of noise, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), residual ripple, high efficiency, operating temperature range, insulation level, ... and more generally our converters are adapted to the specific standards and specifications imposed by the railway sector.

Our wide range of DC/DC converters can supply any type of load requiring a constant and stable DC supply voltage, such as LED modules, LED cards, various electronic cards, halogen spotlights, etc.

The current power range extends from 5 to 200W.


Nominal input voltage (VDC) Input voltage range (VDC)
  Min Max
24VDC 16.8VDC 35VDC
72VDC 50VDC 100VDC
110VDC 75VDC 140VDC

General characteristics

  • Soft start system (option on request)
  • Operating temperature: -25 to +70°C (OT3 class – EN 50155)
  • High resistance to vibrations and shocks
  • Output ripple < 1% Pk-Pk of output voltage
  • Line regulation: +/-0.1%
  • Load regulation: +/-0.5%

Protection against

  • Input polarity reversal
  • Open-circuit and low voltage conditions
  • Short-circuit on the output terminals
  • Internal short-circuit (Fuse protection)
  • Lamps/load failure

Our different series

CDC series

Output voltage :
DC regulated voltage (12V/24V/specific)

Standard dimensions :
(L) 260 x (W) 64 x (H) 40 mm

CH series

Output voltage :
DC regulated voltage (12V/24V/specific)

Standard dimensions :
(L) 260 x (W) 64 x (H) 47 mm

DLE series

Constant current driver for LED application (current level following load type)

Standard dimensions :
(L) 152 x (W) 33 x (H) 30 mm


Our strongest point... all our products are adapted to your needs.  For every new projects we develop a bespoke design and product!

General information and technical specification are available on request.

Request of information

Don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or on +32 (0) 4 239 73 41 for more specific information and requests.

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