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The KST group has been active in the railway market for more than 38 years and has from the start focused on the design and development of innovative, high-performance and high-reliability products.

KST Group and its subsidiaries, including the production plant, are based in Wandre (Liège) – Belgium.


Since the creation of the group, the management team has constantly developed a spirit of creativity and technical rigor in all the companies of the KST Group. The motivated and highly skilled staff as well as the “state of the art” portfolio of products & services has made the KST Group to an international recognized company with expertise and with a strong growth potential.


Description of the different entities :

  • KST Lighting Srl is the production company responsible for the study, the development and the marketing of components and complete lighting systems for the rolling stock market.
  • KST Management Srl  - this company includes the executive management, the general management and is responsible for the monitoring of the KST group. It determines the commercial and financial strategy of the Group, organizes the management committees and shareholder meetings and manages the legal aspects of the structure and its companies.
  • KST Business & Investment Srl is in charge of the business development and the external contacts for the Group in general and on the rolling stock market in particular. KST B&I implements the strategy defined for the group by the Management and is also responsible for optimizing the financial structure, coordinating and deciding on the necessary investments for the further development of the KST group
  • KST R&D Srl is the company dealing with the research and the development of new products and concepts supplied by the group. It provides, amongst others, the necessary services and the technical support for the future development and the research.

Our strength

The KST group specializes in lighting electronics, lighting components (LED strips, LED spots, modules, etc.) and lighting systems (LED, fluorescent lamps, etc.) destined to the rolling stock market (intercity trains & TGV, metro, tram, bus). The specific demands imposed by this sector - safety, performance, resistance to an extreme environment, reliability- leave only room for products with high added value.

Following the evolution of the market, the latest lighting technologies, such as LED, OLED, etc.,  have been incorporated into the wide range of existing products (converters and lighting systems). KST has started to boost its R&D activities since 2014 that resulted in the production of a wide range of LED products specifically designed for the railway and bus market.

Our activities developed further over the years and extended to specific technical studies, simulations and the production of complete lighting systems with mechanical interfaces, such as compartment lighting, specialized lighting, i.e. for luggage racks, for ceiling vehicles, reading lights, pierglass, step lights, ...


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your questions with regard to our products, our services, or one of our companies.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or on +32 (0) 4 239 73 41 for more specific information and requests.

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KST Lighting

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KST Lighting, part of the KST Group, has been active in the railway market for over 35 years, and has always focused on design and the development of innovating, competitive, and reliable products.